Why Phycocynin?


Discover the secret of Phycocyanin

BOLT Nutrition takes pride in being the pioneer nutrition brand to introduce the superfood ingredient, phycocyanin, which is visionary and imaginative in nature. This unique blend of blue and green micro-particles is no ordinary addition - it holds the key to optimizing your workout efficiency and producing outstanding results.

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Phycocyanin: Where science meets superfood

Phycocyanin is considered a superfood due to its exceptional nutritional profile and potential health benefits. It has become increasingly popular in the world of health and wellness, due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Phycocyanin is also valued for its visionary and imaginative properties, making it a versatile and beneficial addition to any diet or supplement.

Enhance Protein Bioavailability
Minimize Protein Bloating
Improve Athletic Performance
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Perfect synergy between science and performance

Discover why phycocyanin from BOLT Nutrition is becoming a go-to ingredient for top athletes and fitness professionals in their training and nutrition routines. In this video, experts share their personal experiences with this potent superfood and explain why they consider it to be the ultimate ingredient for individuals seeking to optimize their fitness outcomes.

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competition is within yourself

The biggest competition a person faces is their own self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and fears. By setting personal goals, challenging oneself, and overcoming obstacles, individuals can push past their own limitations and achieve greater success and fulfillment. #”It’s always you and you”

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Our commitment involves ongoing research, development, patenting, production, and worldwide promotion of the safest and most efficient dietary and athletic supplements, all aimed at helping you attain your individual fitness objectives. Get the right products to propel you forward

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